Medical Transcriptionist Pay and Wages

The Truth About Medical Transcriptionist Pay and Wages

Medical transcriptionist pay and wages have leaped in recent years, along with increasing demand for more experienced medical transcriptionists. A lot of people have ventured into this occupation or have changed careers into medical transcriptionist jobs.  Giving ample time for medical transcriptionist training, many have made the shift to boost their earning capacity with the option to work from home if they choose to.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Description and Work Environment

A medical transcriptionist job consists of listening to audio recordings from physicians and translates these into written text through word processing. These texts will then serve as medical reports written in the appropriate format. Such reports are used as medical records and diagnosis for patients as a basis and reference for treatment.  Part of medical transcriptions training is the expertise in medical terminology which is continuously being used in the preparation of various reports.  It is the transcriptions task to correct medical errors and terminologies and does away with medical abbreviation and jargons in the reports. Such reports are being used as discharge summaries, operative reports, autopsy reports and consultation reports.  Medical transcriptionists are required to obtain medical transcription skills to prepare transcribed documents in the correct medical format, in perfect English grammar and congruence with its legal requirement, work ethics, and confidentiality.

Medical Transcription is also done through direct dictation from physicians to medical transcriptionists that work in hospitals, clinics or healthcare facilities.  A medical transcriptionist can opt to work in these types of work environment or they can work in an office set-up with medical transcription companies or work from home.  Transcriptionists can find employers who pay transcribing services by the hour or on a per-project basis or set-up a personal income-generating business by tapping into clients on their own.

Medical Transcriptionist Pay Salary and Wages

Medical transcriptionist pay and wages and salary range may vary in your work environment and current location.  While wages may range between USD13.00 to USD21.00 an hour, a transcription job may be on a per work or report basis. Compensation schemes for transcription companies may also be different, with incentives for productivity.

A medical transcriptionist occupation has the following hourly wages on an average as of May 2008 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (USD):

Medical and diagnostic laboratories


Outpatient care centers


Offices of physicians


General medical and surgical hospitals


Business support services


The job search for better medical transcriptionist pay and wages is more pliable in larger cities which have a higher demand for standard transcription. It is also workable in big cities that large group practices are available. Medical transcriptionist pay and wages are expected to be higher for Certified Medical Transcriptions, who not only completed the required training and experience but has also passed the certification examination. Medical transcriptionists often opt to work for hospitals and medical transcription service companies because of the added benefits like health benefits and the like.  Having to work from home will entail having the transcriptionist paying for everything. Working from home can give you higher medical transcriptionist pay or wages but at the expense of medical and health benefits which has to be shouldered personally.