How to Become a Certified Medical Transcriptional

A certified medical transcriptionist is a medical transcriptionist who has successfully completed the required medical transcriptionist training, fulfilled the required number of years work experience and passed the medical transcription certification exam.

Medical Transcription and the Certified Medical Transcriptional

Medical transcription involves listening to audio recordings of physicians and transcribes these into written texts. These documents serve as medical reports for basis of diagnosis, correspondence, medical summaries and evaluations.  Among other reports are: medical history reports, autopsy reports, operative reports, consultation reports, physical examination reports and discharge summaries. It is essential that a medical transcriptionist provides accurate information in these medical records as treatments given to patients are based on these transcriptions. Employers are very concerned about accuracy of healthcare documentation and demands extremely minimal errors in these reports.

Medical Transcriptionists can work immediately in medical transcription companies after completing a training program from any of the certified local schools or online programs.  Among the learning a medical transcriptionist acquires during training is the knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and diagnostic procedures.

Experience in this transcription services is highly regarded as it means that the medical transcriptionist has already adept in the preparation of these medical reports.  Medical transcriptionists can also work in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities with multi-tasking functions as attendant or secretary to physicians.   In this scenario, direct dictation is often given to them by the physicians.  It is the task of the medical transcriptionist to make sure that abbreviations and jargons are completely written in text and correct any medical errors, if any.  With the recent high technology and internet usage, speech recognition technology has made a huge impact in getting a transcription job done faster with more convenience.

How To Become a Certified Medical Transcriptional

Medical transcription has become a rising job field in the healthcare profession. The program has produced numerous medical transcriptions. However, any transcriptionist who has completed a medical transcriptionist training does not automatically get to be called a certified medical transcriptionist. It is required that having completed a training program, a number of at least two years work experience is a requirement to enable the medical transcriptionist, or as popularly called MT, before one can take the medical transcription certification exam. Passing this exam makes a regular medical transcriptionist become a certified medical transcriptionist.

The certified medical transcriptionist exam is conducted by the American Association of Medical Transcription.  An individual applicant may be able to apply only twice maximum in a given year and can be taken in any accredited examination center across the country.   There are a lot of materials and self-assessment tools available online to help you in preparing of the exam.  The examination is composed of two parts:

Part one is composed of multiple choices of 120 items.  This module will test your knowledge in medical terminology and its usage.

Part two is an actual transcribing test timed to prepare for 2 hours based on a 15-minute dictation.  This module is to test your ability to document accurately.

While the regular medical transcribing jobs give you the assurance of a good salary, being a certified medical transcriptionist even gives you more – a boost in your employment eligibility and career growth.  And with the rise of medical transcription graduates, it’s best to put yourself above the rest and get to be a certified medical transcriptionist.