Great Careers in Medicine: The Medical Transcriptionist

The History of the Medical Transcriptionist

The Medical transcriptionist has been around from as far back as the 1950s. It is used to keep account of patients and since doctors cannot do it themselves, this is where people like you who have the schooling can come in to assist them and make some money.

There are a lot of companies that offer Medical Transcriptionist services to clinics, healthcare facilities, hospitals, the individual sector, laboratories, and physician groups. Given the huge need, you can even get into it yourself with the proper education and the tools needed for this to the job.

To meet the criteria of a Medical Transcriptionist, you have to enroll in a school that follows the curriculum designed by the American Association of Medical Transcription or AAMT. This is available in vocational schools and colleges. Those who don’t have flexible schedules to go to school may also find a program online so they can learn at their convenience.

The essential thing for you to become skilled at is the medical terminologies often used by doctors so they can be to transcribed the patient’s autopsy reports, clinical notes, consultation notes, discharge summaries, laboratory reports, psychiatric evaluations, operation reports, X-rays as well as referral letters.

Once given A Medical Transcriptionist’s job, you have to make sure that these are no inaccuracies otherwise; the doctor can decide to cancel your service and find someone else who can do a better job.

Just to give you an idea, some Medical Transcriptionist services have been outsourced in a foreign country because of cheaper labor costs. Two countries that have been doing quite well in this endeavor include India and the Philippines as the majority of the people who come from there speak English quite well.

Some of the Medical Transcription services that have been open to them include cardiology transcription, chiropractic transcription, emergency room transcription, gastroenterology transcription, general Surgery transcription, internal Medicine transcription, etc.

What kind of tools is needed to have a medical transcriptionist business? Most MT businesses would need a toll free number, digital tape recorder, computer dictation systems, PCs and a server.

They have to make certain that the line of contact is protected and that it is hack resistant so information about the patient does not fall into the immoral hands given the increasing number of occasions relating to identity theft. This is attained of course using products that are HIPAA compliant secured with 256 bit AES encryption.

What kind of career do you expect as Medical Transcriptionist? For those who are starting for the first time on their own, they can make money if they can keep a client with error-free documentation and submit this back on time.

If they are no longer capable of managing the load themselves, they can train other human beings to do it or lease humans who have handed via the equal education and then hire these men and women to work for them. In short, you can begin up your scientific transcriptionist agency.

Will the medical transcriptionist still be in demand for the foreseeable future? Many experts say yes because although there are already computer software programs that have been built and used by doctors to encode the patient data themselves, there are issues that they deal with before medical transcription and Medical Transcriptionist which has been around for more than 50 years will be phased out.