About Us

As a company offering medical transcription work for a number of years, we are in every respect dedicated to providing only the best transcription. Our vast years of service has made us one of the most experienced and reliable medical transcription providers in the transcription industry.

Our expertise in developing technology to integrate into the transcription system, has aided in bringing about key changes to the workflow, thereby improving the quality of medical transcription work at every step. The company’s steadfast commitment to producing transcription of the highest quality satisfies the transcription-needs of our clients, thereby making them referable.

Transcription , technology solutions, and quality assurance are handled by an able, dedicated, and well-experienced transcriptionists, IT and software professionals, and Quality Assurance personnel, respectively.

For more than a decade, we have been servicing a total of over 300 clients. Our client roll includes various health care facilities, clinics, hospitals, private , and group practices.